R Board

Introducing R-Board.

Thermal breaks are required behind all claddings where the cladding has a thermal rating less than R 0.25.

Brick claddings also requires a thermal break due to the 40mm vented cavity between the brick and the framing.

Claddings that don’t require thermal breaks include: EPS plastered systems.

Confirm the R value of your cladding if you are not sure with the product manufacturer, designer or frame supplier.

These thermal breaks minimise the risk of condensation and ghosting. They also ensure there is a good overlap between the wall insulation and thermal break to stop bridging at the edges of the flange and minimises the effects of poor installation.

Thermal breaks reduce the temperature difference across the face of the wall top point where they are negligible. They also significantly boost the walls thermal performance, in anticipation of further increases in insulation requirements or allow a reduction in cavity insulation.

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